When I was first diagnosed with cancer last year I never dreamt that, ten months later, i’d have a #1 erotic romance bestseller.

To say it’s been quite a ride is an understatement but I had a mini revelation recently. I realised exactly what my book is… it’s my own, personal Fuck You to cancer. It’s my declaration of war on this shitty disease that has clouded my future with so much uncertainty.

For years I didn’t think I was good enough. It didn’t matter how many writing competitions I was shortlisted for or how encouraging the feedback was, I never had the guts to write what I wanted to write. Then I was diagnosed and everything changed. I didn’t have time to hide behind my insecurities anymore. If I wanted to achieve a dream, it was now or never.

My story has since appeared in The Daily Mail & The Sunday Star, in addition to interviews on TV & Radio.

Next month i’ll be appearing in Take A Break, Chat and Love It magazines.

Thanks to everyone who has bought my book and raised money for Bowel Cancer UK. You are all shining superstars, each and every one of you.